I always thought it was a rubbish idea

Well, well, well. It’s quite disturbing, really. This new ConDemNation[1] government is persisting in not being too annoying so far:

The government is scrapping “bin tax” plans that would charge households for the amount of rubbish they throw away.

Instead ministers want councils in England to reward people for recycling more waste.

The original plan involved putting some kind of identification device in bins (RFID, or some such, probably) and weighing how much rubbish everyone disposed of. Anyone deemed to be throwing too much away would have been fined. Apparently the notion that people might dump their rubbish in any convenient place, or well, in their neighbour’s bin didn’t occur to whichever twit came up with the idea in the first place…

via BBC News – ‘Bin tax’ proposal to be scrapped by government.

[1] Can’t recall where I saw that first, but it seems to be catching on.