Stoned chips?

I spotted this in Eldon Square today. For the benefit of those not familiar with Newcastle’s shopping centre, it helps to know that one of the malls is called High Friars. This is a reference to one of the friaries that existed in Newcastle in the past. The “High” bit may be because it’s on the upper level of the centre, but don’t quote me on that one.

Had your chips?

Had your chips?

It would seem that somebody thought it had something to do with making chips…

Best bit: the unintentional comedy is labelled “Priceless” already. :smile:

3 thoughts on “Stoned chips?

  1. Mr Dull

    The name high friars has been around long before Eldon square. I am not sure why these friars where high but it might be because they were up the hill when others were down near the river (at Pandon dene)

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