Lewis – Series One, Two and Three

Can it really be four years since I first mentioned Lewis, the show I’ve come to think of as the continuation of Morse by other means? Well, it’s a bit more than that, actually. Following the pilot, three more episodes were made and since then we’ve been treated to four “two hour”[1] stories every year – the fourth series was on recently.

I’ve watched and enjoyed every twist and turn, and on a recent wander into HMV, I spotted this box set of the first three series for a quite reasonable £30 – that’s all twelve episodes, including the pilot. There’s a bonus disc attached to the first series with a short behind the scenes documentary, but other than that, this is a no-frills, extras-free set. But it’s good value, and watching all the episodes again was a pleasure. As of today, Amazon are offering the set for an even more reasonable price.

If you like a good detective story, with quite insane levels of brutal murder set in Oxford, you’ll love these!

[1] This being on ITV, two hours means more like 90 minutes, but we’ll let that pass