Lightroom 3 has arrived!

And another thing seems to have happened while I was asleep: after a moderately long Beta period, Adobe have let Lightroom 3 out of the door.

I’ll be upgrading pretty much immediately, as the interaction between LR3 and Photoshop CS5 should make things work a lot better for me.

Fifteen minutes later….

Well, that was moderately painless. Adobe relieved me of £76.88[1], I downloaded LR3, ran the installer and entered my new serial number. As I already had LR2 installed, it picked up my original serial number and was ready to roll. It then asked if I wanted to update my catalog – a non-destructive operation, as it creates a new file.

And it’s up and ready to run. No time to play now, as I have to go to work, but I’ll be having some fun later.

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[1] VAT charged at 21% on downloads from whichever country they’re deemed to be in for EU tax purposes makes it a wee bit more expensive here…