WordPress 3.0: The excitement mounts (or something)

Would you believe it? There’s now a third release candidate.

Release should be very soon now, for those who don’t like playing with pre-release versions.

I think it’s worth mentioning that the round number of the new version isn’t meant to be any more significant than any other release. For reasons that make sense to somebody, WordPress works on a decimal numbering system where 2.9 is followed by 3.0, which will be followed by 3.1 and so on up to 3.9 which will be followed by 4.0, assuming we’re all still interested by then.

But there are some new toys in the new version – the new default theme which I quite like is one, and the automagic menu editor which works quite nicely now are both quite significant steps to making it easier for less technically inclined people to create sites that do what they want and look good.