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Weight and Stuff Report – 16 June 2010

No change today. Amazing, or something.

Today’s picture is of the former Bank of England building in Newcastle. It’s at the south end of Pilgrim Street, by what I think is still known as the Swan House roundabout, even though the building in the middle of it isn’t called Swan House any more. But that’s a digression. The old bank has been empty for many years, and it seems that steps are finally being taken towards redevelopment. According to a recent press report, demolition will begin soon. How long it will take to put something new on the site remains to be seen…

Bank of England

Bank of England

Makes sense to me

Today’s xkcd is a little gem:

xkcd - Click to see it all

xkcd - Click to see it all

As always, click the thumbnail to see it in its natural environment.  Then come back here….

It reminds me of the alleged dictionary entry which allegedly read:

recursion: see recursion

Nicely geeky :smile: