Mutter, typical, etc

Don’t you hate it when that happens? You see, on Tuesday, I had a bit of a photographic stroll[1] on my way to work, and once again was confronted by the hideous mess:

Why are we waiting?

Why are we waiting?

For a long time now, the car park has been standing surrounded by the rubble of the shops that used to surround it. As I mentioned last month, the problem seemed to be an advanced game of Silly Buggers being played by Gateshead Council and Tesco. I’d long since stopped caring who was actually responsible for the delays, and was about to craft a post suggesting that the council should stop waiting for Tesco to come up with a plan (cunning or otherwise) and just get on and flatten the thing. If nothing could be agreed immediately about what was going to be built, why not use the site for parking, or lay some grass and make it into a temporary park? Or just do anything rather than leave a semi-demolished site in the middle of the town.

But it seems I’ve been beaten to it. It’s now reported that Tesco have come up with some actual plans (they didn’t specifically state that the dog ate their homework previously, but I’m sure it was something like that), and this means that demolition, site clearance and some actual development might actually take place before much longer.

Or not. We shall see, etc.

BBC News – Get Carter car park in Gateshead to be demolished.