Weight and Stuff Report – 21 June 2010

Hmm. Back up a bit today. Possibly. It’s hard to be sure, because the first time I got on the scale, it said


Which either means it was trying to say something, or it was running out of power. I assumed the later, so I reseated the battery and it seemed to calm down a bit.

As the sun decided to come out today, I took my 5D Mk II for a walk, concentrating on some areas due to be redeveloped, and having a play with some settings. More of that later[1], but for now here’s something I hadn’t seen until today:



Someone’s gone to a moderate degree of trouble to create this, so I hope it’s taken away in one piece and put somewhere when the demolition starts.

[1] For an arbitrary, tuit-dependent value of “later”, of course.