BBC Maths Demon Strikes Again

Poor BBC News. I’ve mocked them once or twice before about their problems with numbers, but it doesn’t seem to have had any effect. In today’s report about work to the Tyne Pedestrian Tunnel, they tell us[1]:

One of the two lifts at the pedestrian and cyclist tunnel under the River Tyne has been out of order for months.

Once the repairs are completed, improvement work will begin at the lift at the Howden side of the river, and should be finished by February.

Three of the four lifts at the tunnel, which has a Grade II listing, are also currently out of order, and these will also be repaired.

So, one of the two lifts and three of the four lifts are out of order. Now is that six lifts in total, or have they counted some of them twice?

Actually, reading more of the story suggests that some of the “lifts” may actually be escalators, so perhaps this time the problem is not so much mathematical as a more general lack of checking before posting.[1] Again.

[1] Text as seen at 17:30, 23 June 2010. May well have been corrected by the time you read this.
[2] And according to the Rules of the Internet, this post will probably contain an error at least as embarrassing as the one I’m mocking.[3]
[3] It did!! Now fixed. And I’m not telling you what it was, so there