Weight and Stuff Report – 25 June 2010

Back down a tiny bit today, but that’s probably just random wossnameness.

Today’s picture is another one that’s had some trickery applied. This is the main entrance to the former Bank of England building on Pilgrim Street. As it’s reportedly going to be demolished soon, I thought I should get a few pictures of it. Anyway, it was a bright sunny day, which meant that the pavement outside was brightly lit, and the entrance area was shadowed. A picture that was exposed to show the entrance area would have the pavement blindingly bright, and if the pavement was right, the entrance would be dark.

So, I used the 5D’s automatic exposure bracketing to fire off three shots – one at normal exposure, one under-exposed and one over exposed. I used Photoshop to merge them into a single HDR image, which then had a little tweaking in Lightroom to adjust the colour a bit. It’s not a particularly interesting picture, but it’s a record of something that will soon be forgotten.

Bank Entrance

Bank Entrance


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