Best. Headline. Ever.

I’ve been known to mock BBC News from time to time, but I have to give them full marks for this report into an EU thingy about product labelling. Apparently some Eurocrats think all food packaging should show weight or volume, even for things where this makes no sense whatsoever, such as packs of bread rolls, or boxes of eggs.

This would normally be a moderately tedious story, as it’s sure to end in deals being done, agreements being reached and all teacup-sized weather patterns settled quite nicely.

But fortunately, someone at BBC News thought of an eye-catching and quite lovely headline:

BBC News – UK scrambles to keep ‘dozen eggs’ in EU battle

Scrambles? Eggs? Wonderful. And very tasty, too – I make mine with garlic butter, which adds a certain something. Garlic, mostly.