June 2010 Round-up

Unless I have an unexpected burst of fast typing and finish my post on The Big Bang[1], this will once again be the final post of the month


I’ve managed to continue to remember to weigh myself daily.

June 1: 227 pounds (16 stone 3 pounds, 103 kg)
June 30: 229.2 pounds (16 stone 5.2 pounds, 104 kg)

Difference: A moderately annoying rise of of 2.2 pounds (1kg)


I once again gave in to the lure of the sausage rolls a few weeks back, which probably accounts for the overall rise in my weight this month. On a more positive note, I am three pounds lighter than I was last Thursday, so I may be heading in the right direction, now I’ve restricted myself to single sarnies for lunch, and I’ve even gone back to relatively unfattening cereals for breakfast after a few months of daily croissants.


A couple of walks to work this month, and a few lunchtime walks, topped off by lots of walking in Durham on Sunday. More stuff next month!


Back to what passes for normal around here – including this post, the June total will be a quite respectable 69.


I took a lot more pictures this month than last. But next month there will be even more!

[1] Unlikely. I’ve barely started, and I’m already up to 800 words….