Daily Archives: Sunday, 4th Jul 2010

Testing, testing, or something

OK, this is cool.

I’ve got my MacBook, I’ve got an internet connection that fits in my pocket and generally does what I believe is known as “the business”.

Forget USB dongles. Forget trying to tether phones. MiFi is the way to go.

Weight and Stuff Report – 4 July 2010

Oooh, down a bit today!

I have not one, but two pictures for you today. This is the Durham Heritage Centre and Museum, which can be found very close to the Cathedral. Housed in a well-preserved disused church, it has a good history of Durham exhibition, and some other bits and pieces worth seeing:

Durham Heritage Centre

Durham Heritage Centre

Just to the left of the heritage centre is a gate leading to what I presume was the churchyard. In there, you can see this rather fine bit of wooden sculpture:



I had to poke the camera through the bars of the gate to get this picture…