Slight mapping issue

I’ve previously mentioned that I like to geotag my photos whenever I can. This all works very well, to a degree of accuracy ranging from pretty good to remarkably good, depending on how many large buildings there are in the area at the time. Lightroom has convenient links to let you see your locations on Google Maps, which is fine.

What’s a little less fine is what Flickr does with the uploaded pictures and metadata. Flickr, being owned by Yahoo[1], uses Yahoo’s own map service to work out where coordinates are, and this is a bit of a problem. Sometimes, it labels parts of cities with names that seem to have been made up by someone who’s never visited them, or even seen a proper map[2]. This leads to large bits of Newcastle being labelled as “Chinatown”, which is a bit odd, as Newcastle’s Chinatown isn’t that big really. But sometimes it leads to more extreme silliness. For instance, a picture taken from Newcastle’s Castle Keep, which Yahoo manage to position quite correctly on the map, is described as being in “Central, Gateshead”.



Hint: see that blue thing? It’s a river. And it’s a border.

Yahoo may catch up eventually. I recall that Google Maps used to think the centre of Gateshead was in the west of Newcastle…

[1] Sorry, I’m not prepared to use their preferred punctuation
[2] Or even an improper one