Stuff Report – 6 July 2010

Today, I left my brother at home to rest, plan routes and mentally prepare himself for our trip to mid Wales. I took the local train to Cardiff, had a bit of a wander, then took a water bus[1] to Cardiff Bay. I had a short wander around the Bay, stopped for an espresso and a toasted tea cake at the Millennium Centre, then took the train back to the city centre.

From there, I paid a relatively brief visit to the National Museum[2], which you might recall has played one or two guest roles in Doctor Who. I might have accidentally stopped for an espresso and a chocolate brownie there. And if I did, I might have to mention that the chocolate brownies are not only of a quite respectable size, but are also very chocolatey. Actually, that is a principle I try to follow – when visiting a gallery or museum that’s free to enter, buy something or drop some money in the donations box. These things aren’t cheap to run, and I suspect government funding is going to start vanishing quite soon…

I then had a gradual wander towards the station, stopping to get some pictures of this rather lovely bit of sculpture, which stands outside the new library:



Sculpture by Jean-Bernard Metais outside Cardiff Library

It’s called Alliance and it’s by Jean-Bernard Metais, or so I’ve read. I believe it may dosome fancy lighting up tricks, but those weren’t apparent, what with it being a bright day.

Things I learned today: my MacBook will do the Photoshop HDR thingy, but it takes a lot looooooongeeeeeer than it does on the iMac. So I probably won’t be doing many more of those for the moment.

[1] It’s a boat, not a bus with floaty thingies fitted. Just thought I should clarify that.
[2] Only brief because much of it is currently closed while it’s being refurbished and generally made even spiffier than it is already. And why does Safari’s speelchucker object to “thingies” but not “spiffier”? Eh?