Errrr, who?

Wow! Gasp! Etc! Apparently the new bit of Eldon Square, which opened back in February was officially opened today by a member of the royal family that I’ve never heard of. You’d think they’d either find somebody that people have heard of, or you know, not actually bother with an “official” opening if the best you can get is an obscure member of the royal family whose major claim to fame appears to be having the same name and title enjoyed by everyone’s favourite Shakespearean villain[1][2]. Presumably no former Big Brother or X-Factor starts were available.

BBC News – New Newcastle shopping mall unveiled

Note the BBC headline. Something that’s been open for six months is described as being “unveiled”. Quite remarkably silly.

[1] Richard the Third. Who may not actually have been responsible for everything Shakespeare suggested, but was probably not a nice person anyway
[2] According to Wikipedia, anyway. Which probably means his real name is Martin Smith and he’s famous for something else altogether.