Gateshead Car Park Demolition – Week 1

After what seems like, and indeed is, years of waiting since the shops and market hall were closed, work finally started this week on demolishing what some people apparently still think of as an “icon”[1], but most Gateshead residents prefer to think of as “that ugly bloody lump”[2]. I walked past it on Monday to get some shots of the preparation, but couldn’t make another visit until Friday, when demolition was already well under way.  This set shows some of the progress so far, including some iPhone pictures of the destruction of the old Trafalgar pub, and one taken yesterday showing the progress after one week of nibbling.

Unless I suffer from a severe lack of tuits, I’ll be following this through with moderately regular reports.

[1] See my previous remarks on that subject
[2] When we’re being polite, that is