Gateshead Car Park Demolition – Week 2, Part 2

It was a much brighter day today, which persuaded me to take another walk to work. This time, I attached my often neglected, but perfectly capable Sigma 70-300mm lens, as I was after some closer views of the demolition job. And I got some nicely interesting ones. One machine was obviously having a rest and was just standing around looking quite cool with its very long arm in the air, while another one got on with a bit of nibbling. But it apparently decided it was time for a break too, and backed away, pausing only for a quick spray from the water cannon that was hanging around to the side. As it reversed down the ramp and around the corner, it passed really close to one of the holes in the fence, which let me get a nice close up of what I’ll have to refer to as The Claw. Nifty.