Gateshead Car Park Demolition – 7 August 2010

I made my usual Saturday shopping trip a little earlier than usual yesterday. When I got into Gateshead, work was going on with some more concrete being ripped apart. Of course, as I was shopping, I didn’t have a “proper” camera with me, so I settled for a quick iPhone snap, got my shopping done and went home quickly. Once I’d put things away, I headed straight out again with the 5D, hoping for some action shots. But of course, in the time it took me to get back, they’d stopped and were packing up for the weekend. But I still got some pictures of the progress so far.

They’ve now made a start on destroying what was planned to be a restaurant on the top level, and that looks quite interesting with a hole torn into it. I’ve also included some pictures from the Gateshead High Street side, from which the car park still looks quite intact.

Another thing you can see here is how the rubble from the demolition is used to create a ramp and platform for the machines to reach the upper levels. Nifty.

The isolated building to the right as seen from the high street apparently can’t be demolished yet, as there’s an electricity substation in there which has to be relocated first.