Time for an upgrade?

This is a real, unedited screenshot taken from a computer at work. A colleague[1] needed to upgrade it from Internet Explorer 7 to the newer and shinier Internet Explorer 8. Now before you start on the subject of why anyone in their right minds would want to get involved with any version of that thing, I’m afraid it’s a requirement. There are business services our people have to use that depends on ActiveX controls, and others that are just coded so that they break in anything other than Microsoft’s problem child.

Anyway, it’s supposed to be quite a simple process. You point IE at the IE8 page and it’s supposed to offer you an upgrade. Well, it didn’t. It insisted that the computer was already running IE8, so it wasn’t going to upgrade it, so there. Like anyone else faced with this kind of thing, my colleague had a moment of doubt. Could the browser, despite looking perfectly seveny be really eight in cunning disguise? Well, the “about” box seemed to think not:

Seven? Eight?

Seven? Eight?

And people wonder about my tendency to shun Microsoft on my home kit…

[1] Hi Aaron :wave: