Floating TARDIS

Over the years, I’ve come close to buying one of those floaty globe thingies on several occasions. You know the sort of thing – it’s a frame with a battery powered magnetic field that allows you to insert a suitably equipped object so that it floats and can gently rotate. Well, I never quite got round to it[1] until yesterday, when I saw this:



It had to be done.

[1] Regular readers may sense a pattern here

3 thoughts on “Floating TARDIS

  1. Les Post author

    I forgot to mention that it’s got a power-saving light sensor. To avoid draining the batteries when it’s too dark to see it, when the lights go off, it switches off. This makes the TARDIS land quite abruptly with a THUNK. Which makes it an authentic eleventh Doctor item, of course. :grin:

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