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Weight and Stuff Report – 15 August 2010

Back down again today…

Here’s another picture from the air show. This is an RAF Torcano trainer, which for one year only is in 1940s camouflage to mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain:



Charlie Brooker’s Dawn of the Dumb

Subtitled Dispatches from the idiotic frontline, this is pretty much what you’d expect if you’re familiar with Charlie’s work. This volume fits between Screen Burn and the more recent The Hell of it All and contains columns published between late 2004 and the middle of 2007.

As with the other books, it’s full of Charlie’s trademark rage, anger, vitriol, bile, foul language, loathing of crap TV, loathing of crap politicians and loathing of well, most things, really. And as before, it’s hugely funny. The one in which he doesn’t write about any thoughts arising from the book OJ Simpson wrote about how he didn’t kill anybody, but if he had this is how he would have done it would have been particularly nice if he’d written it, which he didn’t, of course. If he had, he might have mentioned his idea for a Christmas novelty book in which celebrities describe how they would have committed notorious crimes if they had actually committed them, which obviously they didn’t. If he had written it, and you managed to read it, you’d never feel the same about Tim Henman again, so it’s a good job Charlie didn’t write it and put it on page 223.

Talking of page numbers, all three of these books come nicely indexed. And the indexes have funny bits in, which is a nifty addition.

Good stuff, recommended.

Oh, but he does make a point of liking Doctor Who, which makes me like him even more.

Pay and Display!

As passed the Car Park yesterday, I noticed that the demolition had exposed the ticket machines on what had been the working levels[1]. I thought they looked a little odd like that…

Have you paid and displayed?

Have you paid and displayed?