The last word on 6 Music

I mumbled about the Evil Plan to close 6Music and its defeat by the forces of sanity, but I’d missed this up till now. It’s a campaign video made by someone called “0ldScratch[1]” for a song by Adam Buxton. It’s got some lovely Lego lip-sync, and has to be seen to be disbelieved:

Also visible at


[1] Twitter suggests that this may be a real person called Chris Salt

2 thoughts on “The last word on 6 Music

  1. Twisty

    That Adam Buxton guy sure sounds a lot like David Bowie. Nicely-done video – liked the bit about the people who pay the license fees. Sorry your favorite music channel is shutting down – big authoritarian power structures SUCK!!!

    1. Les Post author

      It’s not shutting down – the BBC Trust did the sensible thing and told the managers responsible to come up with a more sensible strategy for digital radio in general.

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