Oh really, Safari?

That was, err, interesting….

My iMac seemed very reluctant to come out of its resting mode this morning, taking much longer to present me with the password box, longer to respond when I entered my password and pressed Enter, and longer to actually let me do anything. At first I thought it was because it was doing a Time Machine backup and couldn’t be bothered talking to me, but that soon stopped and it still seemed slow, especially when switching between apps.

It soon became apparent that the problem was Safari. When I tried to close a tab, it just stared at me for a while before presenting the spinning beachball, which for non-Apple people, is MacOS X’s way of telling you that something is hanging.

So, I fired up Activity Monitor, which took a while before it would tell me anything, but when it eventually did, the source of the trouble was obvious:

Thanks for the memory

Thanks for the memory

You might want to click the image to see the full-size version. Yes, Safari was using over 4GB of physical memory and a quite impressive 14GB of virtual memory. This suggests that it might have had a bit of a memory leak….

It declined to behave until I did a “Force Quit” on it, which isn’t surprising, as it was apparently too busy eating all available memory to respond to a polite “Quit” request.