Weight and Stuff Report – 22 August 2010

No change today[1], ho hum, etc.

When I went to Tesco’s yesterday, I noticed that a major milestone[2] had been reached in the car park demolition project, so I went back today to get some pictures. My knee[3] moaned at me most of the way, but once I’d walked around a bit and got some nice shots[4], it decided it was going to be quiet for a while, so I walked on a bit.

I had a look at the Gateshead Visitor Centre, which occupies the former St Mary’s Church, overlooking the quayside. Then I passed through the Sage, and walked down the steps towards Baltic Square, where I learned that Yoda apparently has a new job:

Mistake Dangerous

Mistake Dangerous

Steps leading from the Sage to Baltic Square

Backwards, that sentence is.

Then I had the usual look around the Baltic – where there was an exhibit that I actually liked! It’s a load of silver-plated brass band instruments which have been crushed in an industrial press, then suspended in a circle with a single light in the centre, making shadows around the walls. It’s by Cornelia Parker, who did a piece called Cold Dark Matter, which I enjoyed when I saw it some years ago. That one involved getting the Army to blow up a shed, then hanging the resultant fragments in a gallery, as if freezing the moment of the explosion. Cool.

After that, I briefly toyed with the idea of going somewhere else, but decided not to overdo it and got one of the yellow buses back into Gateshead.

[1] Astute readers wondering what happened to yesterday’s report, and indeed Friday’s are advised that any apparent absence of posts is due to thingies in the space-time wossname, and that they are there really. Depending on your frame of reference, of course
[2] Not an actual milestone, as it’s not actually going anywhere[5]
[3] It’s the one on the left that’s being most annoying
[4] Which will appear in a gallery post once the tuits are located
[5] Well, the rubble will be going somewhere before it’s recycled into new buildings