Did you miss me?

Sorry about that. What? You didn’t notice that Losing it[1] was unavailable for a while? Well, I’m pleased to say that the free Pingdom service did notice, and sent me an alert. And a huge two people[1] mentioned it on Farcebook.

When I got back to my computer, I first checked to make sure it wasn’t a general Dreamhost problem. No point working on an SEP[2], is there? Well, there were no fresh problems reported, so I checked my sites. Both Tiggercam and this site were declining to load, so I knew it wasn’t something specific to anything on Losing it[1].

The next step was to log on to the Dreamhost control panel and see what my virtual server was doing. And what it was doing was not good at all. Total overload. The graph that shows “load” – an indication of how much processor power all the sites I host are using had leapt up from more or less “negligible” to “OMG” in a short space of time.

Well, I wasn’t going to be able to do much with the server in that state, so I clicked the magic buttons to make it reboot. It soon came back up and I could then log on to the console and have a look. It turned out that one site that I host for a friend[3] was getting a lot of attention. Running that site alone was taking around 20% of the CPU, and that was just after a reboot. We’ve had this problem before, when a sound file he had on a post got Dug[4], linked all over the place, and it looked like it was happening again.

As the site hasn’t been touched in quite a while[5], I took a backup copy of it then deleted it, adding a simple index file indicating that it’s not there any more. And once I’d done that, the graph returned to normal. Here it is after I’d rebooted and dropped the site:



[1] That’s not two huge people. My brother’s not that big, and the other gentleman is just the size he should be, I’m sure
[2] Someone Else’s Problem
[3] Hello, Mr Heron :wave:
[4] Digged? Whichever it was, it caused problems at the time…
[5] He seems to prefer Farcebook these days