Daily Archives: Wednesday, 25th Aug 2010

Holga Gallery 1

OK, here they are. My first set of pictures taken with the Holga. The scans are a bit rough, but so are the pictures, so hey…

Weight and Stuff Report – 25 August 2010

Err, no change today? Well, no change in that I didn’t manage to get round to getting a new battery for the scale, so today’s weight is still a terse error message.

One thing I did get round to was collecting my first set of prints from the Holga. It’s been a long time since I used a film camera, and that experience of not knowing what you’ve got until you open the envelope was something I’d almost forgotten. Anyway, the twelve shots on the roll all came out, with nowhere near as much messiness as I’d expected. They’re not the sharpest pictures I’ve ever taken, or the best composed, but there’s a certain something or other about them that’s not displeasing. One that did manage to show up the limitations of the camera quite nicely, though, was this one – shot into the sun, which produced a quite interesting line of light.

Holga Flare!

Holga Flare!

It looks like my scanner isn’t too happy – there are marks on the scanned images that aren’t visible on the prints, and that’s after cleaning the glass. Next time, I think I’ll get the lab to scan them to disk for me.

I’ll post the rest shortly…