Kindle Update

A few weeks ago, I muttered a bit about the third generation Amazon Kindle. Well, after a bit of thought, I decided that I really should have one. It’s smaller and lighter than the iPad, and it’ll be much more pleasant for reading plain text. The iPad remains a better solution for books with detailed images, but for fiction, the Kindle is going to be the preferred solution.

I’ve gone so far as to pre-order a couple of books that I would previously have bought in hardback – the new Terry Pratchett and Peter F Hamilton novels that are coming out in the next week or two. I’ll probably start those on the iPad, as my Kindle won’t be arriving until some time after September 8. By opting for the electronic versions, I’ll be saving some money, getting the books as soon as they’re released, and not having to find more shelf space. All of which works for me.

Oh, and you may be wondering about my somewhat neglected Sony Reader. After checking what they were going for on eBay, I put it on sale, and got a quite satisfactory price for it. Not quite enough to cover the £109 price of the Kindle, but close enough.