Sherlock and Doctor Who News

It’ll come as no great surprise, but it’s now been officially announced that a further three episodes of Sherlock have been commissioned, and will be shown in Autumn 2011. Which is a long time to wait for a relatively small quantity of Sherlock, but we manage with about the same quantity and frequency of Lewis, so it’ll have to do…

But what’s a bit more surprising is something else mentioned in the same story. Apparently the 2011 series of Doctor Who is to be split into two blocks, one starting in spring as normal, but ending with a cliffhanger before resuming in the autumn. This kind of “mid season break” seems to be quite common for US TV shows, but isn’t generally done here. And then it’s generally done after about 13 episodes rather than after six or seven, which is presumably what’s going to happen here. Presumably it’s some kind of attempt to boost ratings. Or to spread our ration of Doctor Who more evenly through the year. Or something else altogether.

BBC News – Sherlock gets second series on BBC One.

2 thoughts on “Sherlock and Doctor Who News

  1. James

    So, we have to wait until Spring and suffer through a mid-season break? Honestly, mid-season breaks may be more popular over here, but I still hate them. Why can’t the network just give us a good consistent run of shows? Mid-season breaks make want me to visit a network executive and do something like this :slap:

    Spring premier + mid-season break + Matt Smith = :unreal:

    1. Les Post author

      Yeah, I find the whole concept a bit bizarre. We’re rarely affected by them here, because until recently there was generally a delay of months between shows appearing in the US and them reaching the UK, so any delays were absorbed. For instance, there were only a few weeks gap in the middle of Glee[1]. The only one that affected anything I watched was FlashForward, which has, of course been cancelled, mutter.

      [1] I find it oddly appealing. Probably counts as a “guilty pleasure”, or something

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