Daily Archives: Tuesday, 31st Aug 2010

August 2010 Round-up

What? Another month over already? That means it’s time for the regular end of month thingy.


Well, I’ve quite consistently managed to not to forget to weigh myself this month. There were a few days when the scale sulked about not having enough electrical power, but otherwise we have a full record.

August 1: 229.8 pounds (16 stone 5.8 pounds, 104.2 kg)
August 31: 230.8 pounds (16 stone 6.8 pounds, 104.7 kg)

Difference: A rise of 1 pounds (0.5 kg), which is within daily fluctuation range, so I’ll ignore it.


Umm. Well, yes. I’ve been doing some of that.


Well, I walked to work a few times, mainly because of the lure of a tasty demolition job, and I’m sure I’ll be back for more. And I did manage one weekend walk, which is more than I’ve done in a while.


Slightly higher this month – including this one, the August total is a moderately chatty 74.


Not quite as much photography this month, but I seem to have taken about 550 pictures, which is well above average. I’ve also passed the total for 2009 already. More to come, including some black and white experiments when the time is right…

Weight and Stuff Report – 31 August 2010

Shock horror, back down two pounds today.

Today’s picture is a return to last month’s Sunderland air show. This shows one of the crazy wingwalkers[1] in the process of climbing down from the wing into the cockpit.



[1] Seriously. They do acrobatic stuff while the plane is doing much the same…