Villagers – That Day

I first heard this song a while ago, when it came on 6Music just as my clock radio decided it was time to wake me up. As it eased its way into my head, I had one of those

What the hell’s that?!

moments. In a good way, that is. It had bits that reminded me of Bob Dylan, bits that reminded me of general purpose damn fine songwriting, and bits that just sounded superb. By the second or third time I heard it, I managed to work out who and what it was. Who turns out to be Villagers, an Irish band (or semi-band) fronted (and mostly consisting of) Conor O’Brien. Their (or his) debut album Becoming a Jackal was in the running for the Mercury Prize, but didn’t actually get it. I’ll probably post in more detail when I’ve absorbed more of the songs, but for now here’s That Day, which appears to be a love story about two people who never meet…

I like this a lot.