Weight and Stuff Report – 7 October 2010

And today’s moderately random oscillation is an upward one. I’m sure you’re all excited about that. Or not.

I haven’t taken any pictures so far this week, so I thought I’d raid my archives and revive some pictures taken a few years back, when my DSLR was the Canon 30D. Some of the pictures I’ll be showing over the next few days might have appeared here before, some may have been on Flickr, but they’re all ones that appealed to me for some reason or another.

Today’s is of this gloriously bonkers building on Grainger Street. Originally built for a gas company, if memory serves, it was later a department store, then empty for many years before becoming a Yates’s Wine Lodge. I love the turrets and pointy bits[1] on this:

Nice turrets

Nice turrets

I also like the perspective and sweeping clouds.

[1] Officially technical architectural expression. :yes: