The Doctor will be going to the strangest place ever…

Well, it’s a moderately long wait until the Doctor Who Christmas Special[1], but already we’re being given hints about the 2011 series. It’s already been announced that this will be split into two blocks – seven episodes starting in the Spring, ending with what we’re told will be a massive cliffhanger, then a bit of a wait before a return with six more episodes in the Autumn. This is, apparently a Cunning Plan by Mr Steven Moffat Sir, which gives him twice as many key episodes, and dodges the usual summertime ratings droop.  Or, as he puts it, it means that the wait for the next bit of Doctor Who becomes a bit shorter. It would be nice if BBC budgets and the laws of physics allowed for more than thirteen episodes in a year, but this split might just work….

But the new news is that the 2011 series will open with a two-parter set, and partially recorded in the US[2]. The story will be set in Utah in the late 1960s, and will involve the Doctor, Amy, Rory and the still mysterious River Song up to, well something.

And River Song is going to be very significant in the 2011 series. Mr Steven Moffat Sir has suggested that we’ll finally learn who she really is. And there’s still the little matter of the suggestion that Silence Will Fall, now that we’ve got over the Pandorica opening thing.

BBC News – Doctor Who series will begin in the Utah desert.

[1] Which is now completely and thoroughly traditional
[2] And there was me talking about the US-set, but Canadian-filmed TV Movie earlier today