Daily Archives: Monday, 18th Oct 2010

Weight and Stuff Report – 18 October 2010

Two shocking developments today – a larger than usual downward fluctuation in my weight, and I’m actually writing today’s report today rather than next Sunday. Amazing, isn’t it? I mean the posting on time thing, not the weight thing, that’ll probably be higher tomorrow.

Had a good start to the day[1]. I decided to catch an earlier bus than normal, to get in that wee bit earlier to make a start on the week. This turned out to be a bad move, as someone else had decided to make a good start on doing some roadworks on Bensham Bank. Nothing unusual about that, apart from the little detail that they hadn’t actually got permission to set up temporary traffic lights and disrupt the traffic, or so I’ve heard. Apparently the council made them put their toys away, but by then the traffic had already been delayed…

Things got better when I got to work, as the coffee I ordered on Friday quite unexpectedly turned up at least a day sooner than I was expecting. I’ve blagged acquired a new machine, you see. It’s a dinky little machine that uses Nespresso capsules, something I considered in the past, but shunned due to the relatively high price of the machines. But as the machine was sitting unwanted and unloved in another office, I offered it a good home, and brought it back with me last Thursday. I tried a few of the sample pods that came with it, and was impressed enough to order a small supply. The idea is to test it properly with these, and if I like it, it will replace my Dolce Gusto machine as my office coffee supplier.



It’s a nice bit of kit, and there’s a good selection of coffees available for it, including some nicely powerful blends. It’s purely a coffee machine – no tea, hot chocolate or cold drinks from this beast, and if you want milk, you’ll have to add it the traditional way[2]. The clearance between spout and drip tray is quite short, so this really is intended for espresso, or slightly larger measures. And that makes it a good fit for me.

[1] Not
[2] They do make bigger machines with milk frothers attached if you like that sort of thing.