Weight and Stuff Report – 20 October 2010

Ooops, up a pound today.

Still, never mind. Here’s a bit of interesting sculpture on a wall. The wall is in fact the abutment of the old Redheugh Bridge, which was replaced by the large concrete one we know and love[1] today.

Old Bridge

Old Bridge

[1] Or not

2 thoughts on “Weight and Stuff Report – 20 October 2010

  1. Mr Dull

    The last Redheugh bridge was nothing to write home about or the one before that come to think of it. The concrete aircraft carrier is just carrying on a long tradition of mediocrity.

    1. Les Post author

      Yes, that’s true. I only saw the previous bridge briefly towards the end of its life, but I’ve seen the pictures. Not an inspiring design.

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