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Multiple Annoyances Fixed

On thing that I like about Safari and miss when using Firefox is having a keystroke defined to send a link to the current page by email, which is the kind of thing I do often enough to find dragging down a menu slower than pressing Cmd+Shift+I. After a lot of muttering and digging around, I found the very useful Keyconfig extension and some useful instructions as I mentioned at the time.

Unfortunately, the latest update to Firefox decided that Keyconfig is not compatible. Now it’s been a while since I’ve run into that, and I could only remember the awkward way of fixing this – downloading the .xpi file, persuading my computer that it was a zip file, opening the zip, editing a file, saving it back and zipping it all up again, then installing the extension that way. Well, I did all that, and got a rude message from Firefox suggesting that it couldn’t find the file, which presumably means I did it wrong. After a bit more thought, a memory surfaced, and a quick search of this very site reminded me of The Easy Way[1], which I had remembered to document quite clearly. Running through that process brought Keyconfig back to life, woo, hoo, etc.

And that was a Good Thing, because I wanted to use it to stop another mild annoyance. In most Mac applications, pressing Cmd+Left Arrow takes you to the beginning of the current line of text, and it’s one of those keystrokes that gets embedded in muscle memory, so you tend to use it without thinking. Which is a slight problem in Firefox, because it wants to use that keystroke to mean “go back to the previous page”. Fortunately, if you’re editing text in WordPress, you’ll get a warning that if you navigate away from the page you’re on you could lose what you’re working on, and in fact if you do go back then forward, you’ll often still have your text available, but it’s annoying. I found a suggested fix for that at Mac OS X Hints, though I found that the name of the key binding to change was goBackKb rather than Back, which may just be a version change thingy.

And now you know why I write posts with moderately detailed descriptions of how to fix things – it’s so I can refer to them years later when I have the same problem and can’t remember how I fixed it last time. If it helps anyone else, that’s a bonus!

[1] Well, easier, anyway. You still have to like editing text files, but overall it’s quicker and simpler.

Weight and Stuff Report – 24 October 2010

Errrr, what? I can only assume that today’s somewhat[1] higher weight is the lingering after-effect of Friday’s wee drinkie.

And talking of wee drinkies, here’s today’s picture:

Guinness Time

Guinness Time

[1] Possible understatement