Curse, you Apple!!!

About 18 months ago, I bought a nice little MacBook. I use it regularly for web browsing and email, and some photo editing when I’m away from home, and although it’s been superseded by nicer, faster and generally cooler models, I haven’t ever felt that I had the wrong laptop for my needs. The bigger and more powerful MacBook Pros were just more than I needed in a laptop – I prefer to do my more serious work on my quite large and friendly iMac, which should be good for a couple more years at least. Then there was the MacBook Air – pretty, but generally underpowered and ever so slightly expensive for the spec, making it not really very interesting to me.

But then, last week, they announced shiny new MacBook Air models. A bit more power, better graphics, and generally more spiffy all round. I was particularly interested in the new 11″ version – it’s got a smaller screen, but in a resolution high enough to be useful – 1366 x 768 compared to my current MacBook’s 1280 x 800. But would it be too small? Too fiddly? There was only one way to find out, so I popped into the Newcastle Apple Store at lunchtime today. And I looked. And I played. And….

I want one!

No, seriously. It’s nice. The display, while small, is bright and sharper than a very sharp thing that’s been filing itself down. The keyboard is fine for typing on. The size is delightfully small, which means taking it away on trips would be that much easier. It is, in short, a highly desirable little computer – not a “main computer” unless your needs are simple, but for a secondary machine, it’s a very tempting proposition. Mutter.

So if I suddenly start selling a load of stuff on eBay, that’ll probably be why…