More Merlin! And more Primeval!

The third series of Merlin is coming along nicely, filling in that Doctor Who shaped gap in Saturday evenings as well as anything that isn’t actually Doctor Who can be expected to. There have been some nice developments, with Morgana being revealed to be really Uther’s daughter and becoming more determined to kill him and generally do Bad Things. Meanwhile, Arthur is getting closer to Gwen and Merlin is trying to keep everything together without actually revealing he can do magic, given that Uther tends not to like that sort of thing.

It’s mostly very silly, but in a good way, so I was quite pleased to learn that another series has already been commissioned. Woo hoo!

BBC News – Merlin to return to BBC One for fourth series

And while we’re talking of entertaining Saturday evening TV, the new series of Primeval is in production, with some new characters joining the team, and loads of fun monsters. Woo hoo, again!