Stopping spam…

Spam on websites continues to be a problem. AI[1] systems are making those CAPTCHA thingies a waste of electrons[2] that serve only to inconvenience and annoy real people[3] rather than actually prevent spam. It’s a bit like the way DRM, software activation and copy protection just annoy genuine customers while pirates happily ignore them. Which is why most digital music you can buy now is free from DRM infestation.

And there may be hope on the spam front, too. The enlightened xkcd has a plan:

xkcd - click for more

xkcd - click for more

It might just work!

[1] Or hordes of minimally paid humans who do the translation
[2] Not a Bad Thing, as far as I’m concerned. I have a lot of trouble with reading some of them. Which probably means I’m not human, or something
[3] Subject to the possibility that I’m not one, of course