Why does George Lucas hate George Lucas so much?

What I mean to say, is why does Old George Lucas loathe everything Young George Lucas did with such force?[1] The original Star Wars films, made by Young George, are fine. They tell a story well enough, there are some good characters, the effects were quite superb for their time, and they’re still watchable, so long as you only do it every few years.

But years passed, and Young George became Old George. It’s not unusual for creative people of an older generation to be jealous of the acclaim that is given to new generations, but Old George seems to be different. He’s jealous of Young George, and so won’t leave his work alone. There were the prequels. Oh dear. There were the special editions, fiddled with editions, let’s change the bloody premises editions. There’s even going to be the 3-bloody-D editions.

But this latest outrage has to be the worst. I generally fast-forward through adverts on TV[3], but having been slightly distracted, I saw this.

Admittedly, George in his young or old forms has never been reluctant to use his properties for commercial use, but associating two of his characters with the shop formerly known as Dixon’s? Oh dear, oh dear.

Old George – please be kinder to Young George. He wasn’t perfect[4], but he tried to make something good. You just seem determined to destroy his legacy.

[1] Or Force, perhaps[2]
[2] Sorry, had to be done
[3] I don’t watch much while it’s actually on…
[4] Writing dialogue that actors could actually speak was one weakness

2 thoughts on “Why does George Lucas hate George Lucas so much?

  1. Gary Jackson

    If I remember correctly, the young George promised 9 episodes of Star Wars, so by my count, the old George still owes us 3. Now the question is, does he have it in him to make 3 more that are any good, and I don’t know that he does.

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