Daily Archives: Sunday, 31st Oct 2010

October 2010 Round-up

What’s that? Another month over already? They do seem to be flying by these days, which is either a sign of me getting old or a distortion in the space-time continuum. Most likely the latter, as the former is quite inconceivable. So there.


Oh dear. This hasn’t been going at all well this month:

October 1: 229.8 pounds (16 stone 5.8 pounds, 104.2 kg)
October 31: 232.2 pounds (16 stone 8.2 pounds, 105.3 kg)

Difference: A not really negligible rise of 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg)


This has been a bit variable. I managed to stay away from the sausage rolls for nearly a whole week, and even had a week without so much as a drop of wine. Which is why this month’s rise wasn’t a couple of pounds more than it was…


Err, yeah. I really need to do some of that.


After a slow start to the month, including a couple of weeks where I ended up doing the whole week’s “daily” reports in one day, I picked up a bit, giving a total (including this report) of 55 posts, which is slightly up on last month, and a lot more than the same month last year.


I’ve got a week off now, and I plan to have at least a couple of days out. And I might even catch up on the car park demolition job, including getting some new pictures of the remarkably clear site.

USB Typewriter

Now here’s a sublimely silly concept. Convert an old manual typewriter[1] into a keyboard that can be used with iPads and other devices.

Watch the video then click the link for more details. You can even order one from the site, but they seem a wee bit expensive….

USB Typewriter

[1] Note for younger readers: this was a kind of early word-processing device with an integrated printer. While its editing facilities were limited, its ability to work without power or data connections made it very popular.