October 2010 Round-up

What’s that? Another month over already? They do seem to be flying by these days, which is either a sign of me getting old or a distortion in the space-time continuum. Most likely the latter, as the former is quite inconceivable. So there.


Oh dear. This hasn’t been going at all well this month:

October 1: 229.8 pounds (16 stone 5.8 pounds, 104.2 kg)
October 31: 232.2 pounds (16 stone 8.2 pounds, 105.3 kg)

Difference: A not really negligible rise of 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg)


This has been a bit variable. I managed to stay away from the sausage rolls for nearly a whole week, and even had a week without so much as a drop of wine. Which is why this month’s rise wasn’t a couple of pounds more than it was…


Err, yeah. I really need to do some of that.


After a slow start to the month, including a couple of weeks where I ended up doing the whole week’s “daily” reports in one day, I picked up a bit, giving a total (including this report) of 55 posts, which is slightly up on last month, and a lot more than the same month last year.


I’ve got a week off now, and I plan to have at least a couple of days out. And I might even catch up on the car park demolition job, including getting some new pictures of the remarkably clear site.