Weight and Stuff Report – 1 November 2010

Today’s late afternoon weight shows a good reduction to start the month.

It was bright and sunny in Gateshead this morning, so I decided to make a good start on my week off by having a trip to York. I managed to get it together[1] to get out early enough to get the 11:01 train from Newcastle, which got me to York just after 12:00. I then had a walk around the City Walls, took a look at Clifford’s Tower[2], visited the quite superb Merchant Adventurer’s Hall, and had a general wander. I stopped for lunch at Caffè Nero, then finished the day with a brief visit to the National Railway Museum.

I got back to the station just as a Newcastle train was pulling in. :bouncy: Unfortunately, it took a wee bit longer than normal because an earlier train had broken down at Darlington.

Today’s picture is of what has to be the best street name in the UK:



Various sources suggest that an earlier name of the street (which is very short) was Whitnourwhatnourgate, which seems to mean something like “neither one thing nor the other”. The current, quite glorious, spelling appears to date from when the town stocks and whipping post were in the vicinity.

[1] Whatever it might be, it usually takes me a while to collect it all
[2] But decided against climbing the 12,396[3] steps to actually go into it
[3] Perhaps slightly fewer, but my knees might have claimed it was more