Weight and Stuff Report – 2 November 2010

Back up a bit today, but never mind.

I persuaded myself that another day out was in order, so I took the Metro to Sunderland. I got off at St Peter’s and walked along the river to the National Glass Centre, pausing on the way to get a few pictures of an interesting sculpture:

Shadows in Another Light

Shadows in Another Light

I had a look around the Glass Centre, which had some interesting bits about glass production, some nice samples of the work of glassmakers, and some of those modern art installation thingies that usually come with labels telling you how they represent the human condition, or some such. I didn’t spot the explanatory label, so I’m going to assume that the thing made up from a load of old tin cans was in fact a load of old tin cans and not a profound reflection on man’s inhumanity to man, or whatever.

From there, I walked back along the river to the Wearmouth Bridge, where I saw something so alarming that it’ll need a separate post. After calming my nerves, I popped into the Monkwearmouth Station Museum (not a lot there, but it’s nicely done), then got back on the Metro to go into the city centre. I had a bit of a wander into the museum, then had a bit of lunch[1] and came home.

[1] A bacon and brie panini, if you really want to know