A Moral Dillema, or Oh, the ignominy!

This is a difficult post to type, but I feel that it has to be done. Sometimes in one’s professional life, one has to do something that one would much rather not do. Something that while not quite going against one’s moral principles to the extent that one would be obliged to refuse, regardless of the consequences, but bad enough to make one feel extremely uncomfortable with the actions one is obliged to take.

Err, OK, that’s enough of the oneing[1], which was a vain attempt to make the whole thing a little less personal. This is, sad to say a very personal matter which will confront me at work tomorrow. The Powers That Be have decreed that official photographs will be taken of professional staff. Being an IT person, I don’t usually have that label applied to me[2], but as the company has to provide details of key personnel when tendering for major contracts, and this apparently has to include senior IT people, a professional photographer will be taking a standard company-approved picture of me tomorrow.

Which leads me to the Dreadful Situation. In the interests of making these pictures as standard as possible, it has been commanded that…

Gasp! Sob! It’s too much, too much, I tell you!!!

OK, I’ve pulled myself together now.

I will have to wear a tie.

:sick: :angry: :uhoh: :sad: :wah:

Yes, a tie – one of those preposterous strips of material tied in a knot around my neck!! It’s inhuman!!! It’s outrageous!!! It’s… It’s.. It’s horrible!!

I only have to wear it for long enough for the photographer to do his or her work, but it’s going to cost me an outrageous number of Geek Points!

[1] Verbing weirds language
[2] For reasons too tedious to go into

4 thoughts on “A Moral Dillema, or Oh, the ignominy!

  1. Darcy

    Think of it as a way to accrue retro-geek points…like all those guys at IBM back in the day when IBM was the home of the uber geeks.

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