More Snow

Over the last few days, it’s been very cold, and lots of snow has fallen in the North East. This is a lot more snow that we generally see at this time of year, which is apparently being caused by the Jetstream[1] taking a detour and not visiting the UK for a while, leaving us with lots of cold Arctic air instead. There was a moderate amount of the stuff yesterday, but loads more fell overnight, which led me to take a walk in the park this morning. I took the camera, of course. When I got to the park, the sky was mostly clear, but soon some white stuff started to come down, at first as small icy pieces, then progressively bigger flakes. But by the time I’d finished my walk, it had stopped again. Anyway, here are the pictures:

[1] Warm air current, crosses the Atlantic, passes over the UK, stops us being like this all the time

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