Skitch – It’s Alive!

Long, long ago and on a post far away, I mentioned a nifty free Mac screen-grabbing app called Skitch. At the time, it was in beta, with a free service for sharing and hosting images. Well, after a long time, it’s finally an officially-released application, having cast of the Beta label like last year’s socks and stepped forth into the, look, I’ve no idea where that sentence is going, so let’s just say:

Skitch is out of Beta

This is a Good Thing. Skitch is something I use regularly, and while I don’t use all its functions, I find the ability to grab a selection of my screen, annotate it and either save it or upload it where it wants to go, very useful.

While it was in beta, the app was free, with a suggestion that there would be some kind of charging model at some point. And now it’s properly released, I’m pleased to say that they’ve done the decent thing and gone for what I’m afraid I’ll have to call a Freemium model.

Skitch, the application, remains free. Download it, install it, use it., the service, comes in free and Plus versions. The free one is pretty much as it’s been all along. Hosts your images (if you want it to), shares them and generally works. The Plus version unlocks some extra features in the app, such as more image formats, custom fonts for your annotations (nice), much more storage for pictures, and no adverts on the web interface.

It’s subscription based – the full price will be $19.95 per year, but currently available for $14.95 (and you can buy more than one year at that price if you’re so inclined).

Having made extensive use of Skitch over the last 2½ years, I was quite happy to pay for a year’s service – I may not make much use of the extra features, but I like to encourage people who create useful software.

My advice – if you’re a Mac user who even occasionally needs to do screenshots, you should give Skitch a try. It’s nice. :clap: