More snow damage…

Newcastle was somewhat disrupted today, as Forth Street, which runs behind the Central Station, and is used as a handy East-West route, had to be closed. A currently empty building had its roof brought down by the weight of snow, and this in turn made it likely that the building would collapse. By lunchtime, some partial demolition was being done:

Come on down

Come on down

I’ve heard that the rest of the building will be demolished, which could lead to some unexpected expense for its owners, as it is Grade I Listed, which means that, if the law is fully enforced, it will have to be fully reinstated, not just cleared and replaced with something new.

For reasons best known to themselves, our local newspaper hasn’t reported much of this, other than a small “breaking news” item this morning. But then, they took a while to report the Market Street River, too.

3 thoughts on “More snow damage…

  1. Andrea

    We have the interiors shop opposite the building and when the roof collapsed the noise was immense. We dialed the emergency services and the police and fire brigade where there within minutes, we were told to leave our premises immediately! Giant cracks in the building all around the base could be seen from our first floor. Well done on reporting this – it’s a shame that this has happened to such a special building, with so much historical value.

  2. alf stone

    I think I’ll stop buying the Chronicle and the Journal and just read this blog. Here we have the intrepid reporter at the scene with camera and an eye-witness account. What more can we ask?

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