Dirk Gently – Showing on Thursday

The Dirk Gently TV adaptation that I mentioned recently is showing on BBC Four and the BBC HD Channel on Thursday 16 December at 9pm, with repeats in the following days.

It’s a one-hour[1] one-off[2], and seems to be adapted from the first of Doug’s two Dirk Gently books. Given the insane complexity of that book, I suspect some cutting may have occurred.  Got to be worth a watch, though.

BBC – BBC Four Programmes – Dirk Gently.

[1] Note to furriners: that’s a BBC hour, not 40 minutes plus ads
[2] So far. More may or may not follow.

2 thoughts on “Dirk Gently – Showing on Thursday

  1. alf stone

    I have just come across this quote from Howard Overman:

    “So basically what I’ve done is take the central character and his sort of peculiar methodology as a detective, and then come up with a story of my own. It does share some elements to the first novel, but I haven’t basically tried to adapt that story which I am sure I will be hated for, especially by the hardcore fans. But I just thought the story as it stood wasn’t adaptable. I’m sure it will be quite controversial, but at the end of the day I have got to make it work as a TV show.

    A brave man or a fool? I will keep an open mind.

    1. Les Post author

      Hmmm. I think it could be adapted (the radio version worked, with some major rearrangement), but it would have to be much longer, not to mention expensive.

      Just hope it’s better than the “sixth” Hitchhiker book….

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