This is an ex-parrot

Sometimes, a bit of cynically marketed rubbish, cashing in on a popular culture phenomenomenomenon[1], is indeed just rubbish. But then there are things like this:

Joined the choir invisible

Joined the choir invisible

Yes, it’s an official, proper, genuine Monty Python Dead Parrot. Lovely bird, beautiful plumage, etc.

If you drop it, or whack it on the counter in the approved manner, you’ll hear John Cleese pointing out that the parrot is in fact dead, has ceased to be, and so on.

Available from various online sources on both sides of the pond, and even in some actual shops[2], for people who remember what those are. I got mine in Debenhams in Newcastle. It seemed like a good idea.

[1] I’m never quite sure when to stop spelling that word. It’s like bananananana
[2] Possibly not pet shops